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Immortalise yourself on the EOS.Pizza (hover above!), get 🍕EPS Tokens and be included in the Open Genesis Slice Index.

TLDR; ERC20 Token Contract Address:

Initial Slice Offering

Remember the Bitcoin Pizza story and the Million Dollar Homepage? Meet EOS.Pizza! Full of flavours, delicious toppings and that crust.... mmmm jummy!

With the launch of the real EOS blockchain coming June, it's time for you to claim a slice of that EOS.Pizza delish and join the Community for Airdrops.

From now until May 18, 2018, 12:35:20 AM UTC you have the chance to donate Ether to address 0xa5DC0165B798779ac80acC84C4Da4ee77B79843f (verify here on Etherscan) until we run out of EOS.Pizza Slices (Symbol 🍕EPS).

  • Every donor gets a proportional slice of the interactive EOS.Pizza (you can leave your message with url(s) too!) depicted above;
  • EOS.Pizza Slice, a genuine ERC20-token, will be issued immediately at a rate of 100,000 🍕EPS per 1 Ether.
  • Additionally your donor address will be included in the world's first Open Genesis Slice Index, read more on that below or in the whitepaper.


50,000,000 / 1,000,000,000 🍕EPS allocated


Last updated:

Slice does matter!

  • Every donor (unique Ether address) will be added to the interactive EOS.Pizza on the top of the page.
  • You can even leave your custom message on your pizza slice by hex-encoding it and sending it along with your donation ether transaction.
  • This page will be frozen on May 18, 2018, 12:35:20 AM UTC.
  • The bigger your donation, the bigger the displayed slize size and PoS weight in "The Master Boot" Open Genesis Slice Index.

    Your slice size is calculated according to the Proof of Slice algorithm:

Displayed\ Pizza\ Slice\ Size = {Your\ Donation\ in\ Ether \over Total\ Donations \ Raised\ in\ Ether}\cdot\pi\cdot r^2

OGSI: Open Genesis Slice Index

The Core Team (codename 'Doughnut') generates and releases the world's first Open Genesis Slice Index. This is a machine readable output containing all EOS.Pizza donor original Ether addresses. Along with the addresses comes structured (public!) reformatted metadata (such as, but not exclusive: donation time(s), amount of donation following the Proof of Slice algorithm, logaritmic multipliers for bonus rounds).

The OGSI is released in the Public Domain for anyone to use, analyse and especially useful for future tokens and blockchains and other inspiring and aspiring networks to prepopulate and kickstart communities or airdrop tokens on original donors of the EOS.Pizza. Read our whitepaper for all details about the Open Genesis Slice Index format.


  • 🍕
    Q4 2017
    Initial setup

    Defining the community for airdrops.

  • 🍕
    Januari 2018

    Writing the OGSI Draft. Development of the Proof of Slice algorithm.

  • 🍕
    Februari 2018

    Writing the whitepaper, EOS.Pizza Slice software and the Initial Slice Offering smart contract.

  • 🍕
    March 9 2018
    Launch Initial Slice Offering

    Enable the public availability of participation in the community for airdrops.

  • 🍕
    May 18 2018
    Release "The Master Boot" Open Genesis Slice Index

    End of the Initial Slice Offering. All participating donors are included with Proof of Slice weighted mapping in the OGSI release 0, "The Master Boot".

  • 🍕
    Every 18th of the month thereafter
    Release "Monthly Recurring" Open Genesis Slice Index

    Recurring publishing of the dynamic changes in the EOS.Pizza Slice holders Proof of Slice distribution.


The EOS.Pizza Core Team ("Doughnut") consists of a diverse group of people, completing each others' strengths. Every day is pizza day!

Julia Rossi

🍕 Funghi

Igor Draznek

🍕 Calzone

Dana Luigi

🍕 Hawaii

Vito Battista

🍕 Quattro Stagioni

Onesta Porcelli

🍕 Pescara

EOS.Pizza Slices distribution

Just like EOS presale token, there are 1,000,000,000 EOS.Pizza Slices (🍕EPS) available. (min. purchase 0.05 ETH - max. purchase 4999 ETH).

In exchange for your donation you will immediately receive 🍕EPS at a fixed rate of 100,000 🍕EPS / 1 ETH.

And even better, your donation will become a slice on the interactive EOS.Pizza depicted above.

The Public Ethereum Address used for the donation will be registered in "The Master Boot" Open Genesis Slice Index in accordance with the Proof Of Slice algorithm.

Total 100% 1,000 million 🍕EPS
Public 95% 950 million 🍕EPS
Core Team 3.5% 35 million 🍕EPS
Advisors 1.25% 12.5 million 🍕EPS
Bounty program 0.25% 2.5 million 🍕EPS

#Airdrop, Bounty & Referrals

Next to getting some of the EOS.Pizza Slices through donation you can earn some extra by sharing the word and joining our airdrop!

Joining the airdrop is simple... You need:

  1. Ethereum address: to receive the tokens on.
  2. Telegram account: to join the airdrop program.
  3. Twitter account: to follow us and retweet.
  4. Email address: to receive the 'claim token' instructions at the end of the donation raiser.

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Is this for real?
Are you for real? This is as real as a Pizza Hawaii, yo. Verify the EOS.Pizza Slices contract here on Etherscan.
What is the Bitcoin Pizza Story?
(Almost) 8 years ago a guy named Laszlo offered 10,000 Bitcoin to get him a pizza. On BTC ATH last year that would have been $ 200,000,000. It's the first physical good transaction of Bitcoin and is now a story of mythical proportions. Check out the original thread here.
How do I get a slice of that delicious EOS.Pizza and get listed on the interactive EOS.Pizza?
By donating Ether to the address 0xa5DC0165B798779ac80acC84C4Da4ee77B79843f before May 18, 2018, 12:35:20 AM UTC (Bitcoin Pizza's 8th requester birthday).
Will EOS.Pizza Slices (🍕EPS) be listed on exchanges?
We don't know, maybe do you? There is no guarantee 🍕EPS will ever be listed. (Are you an exchange and need more info? Mail to eospizzaprotonmail.com).
What can I do with my EOS.Pizza Slices?
🍕EPS is a genuine ERC20 token, so you can use it as any other ERC20 token. As soon as your donation comes through you will receive your 🍕EPS immediately on your originating Ethereum address. You can send them to your friends & family or see them shine in your wallet.
I don't see my tokens in my wallet? Now what?
Add the 🍕EPS contract address 0xa5DC0165B798779ac80acC84C4Da4ee77B79843f and 18 for 'Decimals' in your wallet. As 'Symbol' you can set 🍕EPS or EPS.
Can I donate Ether ($ETH) directly from an exchange to this?
This is not recommended as you won't get those shiny 🍕EPS added to your wallet, but to the exchange instead. Most probably they won't credit it to your account then.
Can I donate multiple times with the same Ether address?
Yes you can, you will receive additional 🍕EPS instantly and your slice on the interactive EOS.Pizza will grow according to the Proof of Slice algorithm. Any messages you add will also be displayed in your donation profile slice.
How can I add a custom message to the interactive EOS.Pizza?
Write your message and then HEX-encode it and add it to your donation transfer in the 'Input data' field. There is a convenient hex-encoder on the donation form.
How can I add my CryptoKitty to the interactive EOS.Pizza
You can 'embed' your CryptoKitty by adding a HEX-encoded message to your EPS donation transaction which starts with a special designated Cryptokitty code: Find your kitty's unique integer ID in the last part of the url of the Cryptokitty site and then use the following code: either ck:578037, (replace 578037 with your kitty's id) for regular CryptoKitties or eck:888 for 'exclusive'-tagged cryptokitties like '888' or '1'. You can add additional text, including urls and then hexencode that message and put it in the input data field along your donation transaction. There is a convenient hex-encoder on the donation form.
Why don't I see my donation on the interactive EOS.Pizza?
The interactive EOS.Pizza data refreshes every 15 minutes (Last update was ). Refresh this page to see the latest donations. Also, check on Etherscan if your transaction is already completed / verified!
Is this a scam?
No. This is fun. LOL, ROFL, LMAO. You are donating, remember? For statistical purpose your donation is listed on the interactive EOS.Pizza and you will receive EOS.Pizza Slices ERC20 tokens. If at any given point in time an exchange decides to list them slices, well.... wow!
What will happen on May 18, 2018, 12:35:20 AM UTC?
On that time (1526603720 since Epoch) the contract will no longer accept donations. Also, the interactive EOS.Pizza depicted above will be frozen and no longer any messages can be added or slices distributed. Should there be any unissued 🍕EPS, it will be burned.
Why a hardcap on the amount of allocatable 🍕EPS? Why 10,000 Ether?
The original Bitcoin Pizza(s) were sold for 10,000 BTC, so go figure.
Why a minimum donation amount of 0.05 Ether?
We want to filter out spammy claims and also at current market prices 0.05 Ether hovers between $35 - $45. The bitcoin pizza order was about the same back then.
Who are you?
We are Bitcoin Pizza fans. We are not affiliated with Block.One or EOS.io. This site is fully functional, but just for fun. Duh.

In Pizza We Crust